We are extremely proud of our portable 9 hole crazy golf course and have designed and built it all ourselves.  The lines are clean and the wooden structure is sturdy and durable.  We have used plush outdoor carpet baize for the "fairways" and it is all painted in waterproof gloss and varnish to protect the course against rain and continual play.

The price to hire our golf course, which is sure to bring an added element of fun and entertainment to your event, is £475.  This includes hire of the course for the day and all accessories as well as delivery, set up and collection of the course on the day of your event.  We offer free delivery up to a radius of 25 miles from our base in the centre of Leicester.  If your event is outside this area, we are still more than happy to supply you and will be pleased to discuss any additional delivery cost at the time of your enquiry. 

Give us a call, we are friendly and helpful and will do our best to accommodate all requests.  We look forward to being a part of your special day and aim to make the experience as enjoyable as we can.  



  • Q: What is included in the price?
  • A: We will deliver the course to your venue, usually on the morning of your event but are happy to work with you if a different time is more suitable.  Once there, we will set up the entire course complete with hole markers, clubs, balls, pencils and score cards and run through any questions you may have.  We will then return later that day and pack the course up and take it home.  Again we are happy to work with you on timings.


  • Q: How long does the course take to set up?
  • A: Depending on the ease of access to the venue, it usually takes us about 45 minutes to set up all 9 holes.


  • Q: Where can the course be used?
  • A: We have designed the course to be waterproof so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.  The ground needs to be as flat as possible but we know that especially when setting up outside, the ground can sometimes be a little uneven, in this case we have a selection of 'wedges' we can fit under the "fairways" to make them level.


  • Q: How many people can play at one time?
  • A: We provide 20 rubber headed putters, 12 of which are adult sized and 8 of which are suitable for smaller children.  We also have 50 low bounce balls in various colours.


  • Q: Do I need lots of space to hire your course?
  • A: The course can be configured in many different ways to suit your space requirements.  The above pictured layout is over a 6 meter x 12 meter area.  It can however be set up in smaller sections across say 2 or 3 areas.  Our smallest hole is 6 foot long by 2 foot wide and largest holes are 10 foot long by 2 foot wide and an 'L' shaped hole which is 8 foot long by 6 foot wide.